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What is Fairtrade?




Article by Ainsley Crase


We see Fairtrade printed on a wide range of products these days – but what exactly does it mean?

Fairtrade means fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries. It involves good prices, sustainability and decent working conditions. Fairtrade ensures companies pay producers enough to develop their product and make a profit. A minimum price is established between producer and purchaser to ensure a safety net if the market falls below a sustainable level. This agreement also allows for a pre-payment deal so farmers can afford to establish their crops.

Producers also receive the Fairtrade Premium, an additional sum of money provided for social, economic and environmental investment in communities. This money is often used to build and sustain medical and educational facilities. Fairtrade certification also prevents the use of unlawful or abusive child labour.

Fairtrade is a win-win for everyone – shoppers can buy quality products that support their values, companies can receive a credible reputation and producers receive a fair price and a better quality of life. By supporting Fairtrade you are supporting a sustainable future and ensuring all workers receive what they are entitled to. Next time you do the shopping lookout for the Fairtrade label and help contribute to the future of fair-trading.

At Richiam Organics were possible we purchase Fairtrade.