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The truth about sunless tanning products


Article by Ainsley Crase


As the weather warms up and holidays approach, we often find ourselves dreaming of the perfect tan to accompany a new shoulder-baring outfit. Some of us lay out in the sun hoping to get some colour, but these days almost every girl has a bottle of tinted lotion up her sleeve. These products promise to deliver almost instant results without the risk of skin damage or cancer. Fake tans have become increasingly popular in recent years and have created a million dollar industry. But are these holy-grail products as safe as we think?


While you can be assured that they are a better option than incinerating your skin by the pool, new research suggests they pose their own risks. The active ingredient in fake tanners is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Scientists suggest that inhaling this ingredient is incredibly toxic and could lead to DNA mutations. Dr Lynn Goldman, dean of the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University in Washington DC,said that she would be ‘very concerned’ about the potential for lung cancer with extended use. There are also concerns about DHA exposure to the eyes and mouth, as it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.


However DHA is not the only point of concern, up to 45 chemicals are used in sunless tanners that have not been studied for their long-term affects on human health. Research is rarely focused on fake tan products and therefore since their use hasn’t been 100% proven to be toxic; it is often promoted as 100% safe.


If this information is enough to leave you unsettled (which it should), why not try out an organic all-natural self tanner. Instead of voluntary allowing toxins to enter your bloodstream, why not use a product that looks good and is good for you. Richiam Organics stocks Eco Tan, which is a natural, certified organic range of tanning products. Eco Tan develops in 24 hours to a rich brown tan and has notes of rose instead of the typical ‘I just applied a fake tan’ smell. It is possible to achieve the summer glow you have always dreamed of, just make sure you know exactly what you are applying to your body.