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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Some interesting facts about Wild Rice


Did you know that Wild Rice…

Wild rice grain and salad

Wild Rice grain and Wild Rice salad


  • Is not actually rice but a grass seed, and sometimes referred to as wild oats.
  • Is lower in calories than any other rice.
  • Is gluten free and contains no sodium.
  • Contains vitamins A, C & E, for health and immunity.
  • Is a good source of minerals such as; phosphorus, zinc and  folate for energy and bone health.
  • High in fibre helping with digestion and lowering cholesterol.
  • Is second only to oats in protein and twice that of brown rice.
  • Thirty times more rich in antioxidants than white rice, and eating it regularly will help protect you from disease and ageing.
  • Great in salads or mix with other rice dishes.


If you have some recipes share them with us.